Tablehero automatically curates photos of your restaurant. This article will help you choose which ones to feature on your site.

To start, first log in to your Tablehero account, then click on "Manage" under the "Sites" section of your dashboard.

Next, click on "Photo Gallery" from the menu on the left.

Now, the first step is to choose which photos to feature on your site. The featured photos will appear as the first photos your visitors see. To select a photo to feature, hover over the photo and click on the the green heart icon.

Once you've chosen which photos to feature, you can change their display order by dragging and dropping the photos you want appearing first to the top. 

The remaining photos that you did not feature will still be displayed on your site. If there are any photos you do not want displayed, hover over them and click the grey trash icon. To upload your own photos, click the blue plus icon above the photos on the right. When you are done choosing your photos, click "Update" to finalize your changes.

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