Announcements can be used to remind your site's visitors about your happy hours, notify them about an upcoming holiday special, inform them of your other locations, and more.

To post an announcement, first log in to your Tablehero account, then click on "Manage" under the "Sites" section of your dashboard.

Next, click on "Announcements" from the menu on the left.

Finally, toggle the switch to enable announcements. 

Once enabled, click "Active," then click on the blue plus icon to add an announcement. Enter your text in the empty text box, making use of the various font styles, lists, and links. If you have multiple announcements, change their display order by dragging and dropping the announcements you want appearing first to the top. To disable an announcement, toggle the switch entitled "Enabled on site" until it is greyed out.

Similarly, to enable an announcement, click "Inactive" to see your inactive announcements, then toggle the switch until it is green, and it will reappear with your active announcements. 

When you are done managing your announcements, click "Update" to finalize your changes.

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