This article will help you use turn times to better manage the tables on your floor.

Turn times are used to indicate the approximate amount of time a party will occupy your table. For example, a party of 2 - 4 guests may take 60 minutes at your table, or perhaps 75 minutes, depending on your restaurant and menu. Turn times are also used as an estimation for calculating available times for your online reservations widget.

To start, first log into your Tablehero account on the Reservations app, tap the menu icon on the upper lefthand corner, then click on "Settings" under "General."

Next, click on "Turn times" from the menu on the left.

Now, you can select the appropriate turn time for each party size.

When you are done setting up your turn times, click "Save" on the upper righthand corner to finalize your preferences.

Note: You can even set custom turn times when adding a reservation or walk-in. Simply click on "Turn Time" when entering the guest's information, then select the new turn time for that party.

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