This article will help you understand the main components of your guest book. 

Tablehero compiles your guest into a database with information about them and their dining trends. To access this information, first log into your Tablehero account on the Reservations app, tap the menu icon on the upper lefthand corner, then click on "Guest Book" under "Services."

The sidebar on the left will showcase a list of your guests in alphabetical order. Scroll through them or tap on the search icon to find a specific guest by name or phone number.

Each guest includes the following information under the "Personal info" section: full name, phone number, email address, birthday, and anniversary. You can also view each guest's dining trends under the "Bookings" section. This section will show each guest's reservation and walk-in information, including the time, date, party size, and status (finished or cancelled). Each time guests make a new reservation or walk-in, you can quick-add their information if they are saved in your guest book.

Guests are automatically added to your guest book when they make a reservation online or walk-in. To manually add a guest, click the green plus icon on the lower lefthand corner, enter the guest's information, then click on the green "Save" button in the upper righthand corner. In order to save a new guest, you must at least fill out their name and phone number.

Now that you understand the main components of your guest book, you can use each guest's contact information in conjunction with their dining trends to send targeted messages with special offers or event information.

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