To embed the form on your website

  1. Please download and install the following plugins,
  2. Insert header and footer scripts
  3. Div tag
  4. Use the div shortcode and add it to the page where you want to embed the form. 

([div class="th-reservation"] [end-div])

  1. Use the header and footer plugin to install the script mailed to you in your footer.
  2. Once the script is installed, reload your page to see the form embedded.

Please note: You can remove the button’s shortcode, widget plugin, and related shortcode which you added with it. (

To load the form in a new tab

You only need your Tablehero reservation link ({YourRestaurantId}) to create this button on your website. Make sure to have the button open up in a new tab.

Please contact the Tablehero support team to receive the link to be used here. 

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