Place our reservation button on your website to facilitate your guests to book appointments right from your site. The Tablehero reservation widget allows you to create restaurant reservation forms directly on your website. The form is responsive i.e. it automatically adapts to your website's layout, making it easy to configure and great to look at. 

You can embed the form directly onto your website or have a text hyperlink/button that opens the reservation form in a completely new tab. Here’s what the final preview of the reservations form will look like on your website:

To embed the form on your website

The Tablehero team will provide you with a script tag that needs to be included on your website.

<script id="th-widgets" type="text/javascript" src="" data-th-id="<<restaurantId>>" data-is-ordering-enabled=“false” data-is-reservation-enabled="true"></script>

Next, create a <section class="th-reservation"> or <div class="th-reservation">   tag with class th-reservation. Place the tag wherever you want to add this form. The script will find this tag and insert a frame containing the form. 

If you have not heard from our team about the script, please reach out to

To load the form in a new tab

You may prefer a link/button which loads the reservation form in a new tab. 

You only need your Tablehero reservation link ({YourRestaurant}) to create this button on your website. Make sure to have the button open up in a new tab.

You would not need to add a script on your website. 

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