This article will help you create time sheets for when your restaurant can accept reservations online.

To start, first log into your Tablehero account on the Reservations app, tap the menu icon on the upper lefthand corner, then click on "Settings" under "General."

Next, click on "Time Sheets" from the menu on the left.

Then, click on "+ New time sheet" in the upper righthand corner.

Now, you can create your first time sheet.

First, click on "Days," then select the days your restaurant can accept online reservations.

If you wish to select certain dates, click on "+ Add dates," then choose which dates your restaurant can accept online reservations.

Next, select your seating time by clicking on "00:00" and choosing the appropriate time. If you wish to add more times, click on "+ Add more seating time." To delete a seating time, click on the red subtraction sign.

If you only accept online reservations for certain rooms in your restaurant, toggle "Rooms for online reservations" on. Next, click on "Select rooms," then the rooms that can accept online reservations for this particular time sheet.

When you are done creating your time sheet, click "Save" on the upper righthand corner to finalize your preferences.

Make sure your time sheet saved properly by checking if it shows up in your list of time sheets.

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