This article will help you set your pick up hours by selecting the minimum amount of time it takes to complete an order and the hours during which customers can place orders online.

To set your pick up hours, first log in to your Tablehero account, then click on "Manage" under the "Online Ordering" section of your dashboard.

Next, click on "Pickup details" from the menu on the left.

Now, the first step is to select a minimum order preparation time -- the time it takes the kitchen to complete an order. For the customer, the earliest order pickup time will be after the order preparation time. For the restaurant, the order preparation time will be used to notify the restaurant of pending orders. For example, if the minimum order preparation time is set to 15 minutes, then you will be notified at 7:15 PM for a 7:30 PM pickup.

The next step is to set up your operating hours -- the hours where customers can place orders online. To select a particular day, click the checkmark next to it until it is green and the hours show up below. Enter your operating hours in the hh:mm am/pm format (e.g. 8:30 am). To add or remove hours, click on the blue plus icon or the red trash icon, respectively. 

When you are done setting your minimum order preparation time and operating hours, click "Save changes" to finalize your choices.

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