This article will help you set up automatic taxes and tip percentage suggestions.

To set up your taxes and charges, first log in to your Tablehero account, then click on "Manage" under the "Online Ordering" section of your dashboard.

Next, click on "Taxes & Charges" from the menu on the left.

Now, enter a sales tax percentage that will automatically be applied to every order.

You can then set up suggested tip percentages to encourage your online customer to tip. Your customers can choose from these suggestions to pay a percentage of the bill, or enter a dollar amount they wish to tip. To start, toggle the switch under "Tips" to enable tip suggestions. 

Next, enter a suggested tip percentage in the empty box. To add another percentage value, click on the blue plus icon. Adding multiple tip suggestions will allow your customers to tip according to their satisfaction. To remove a percentage, click the red trash icon next to it.

When you are done, click "Save changes" to finalize your taxes and charges.

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