Tablehero Orders allows your restaurant website's visitors to seamlessly place online orders. It's the simplest way to generate revenue by turning your menu into a business.

To start, first log in to your Tablehero account, then click on "Continue" under the "Online Ordering" section of your dashboard.

Note: If you have not yet claimed your site, you will see a green "Get started" button instead. Click on this button to claim your website and continue enabling Tablehero Orders.

Next, click on the green "Subscribe" button under "Subscription."

Now, you can choose your subscription plan, enter your credit card information, then click on the green "Subscribe" button.

Once you have subscribed to Tablehero Orders, you will be redirected to set up online ordering.

For more information regarding each section, visit their respective help articles: 

After each section, you will be redirected back to the tree to set up the next. Once you have completed the final section, click on the green "Start taking orders" button.

Finally, click on the green "Confirm" button to enable online orders.

Now that you have enabled online ordering, check out this article to understand how to best utilize your Tablehero Orders dashboard.

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